Gunnigle2016 WordPress Developer Needed for PST Timezone
I am looking for a WordPress developer who is available to work during PST timezone, preferably from Canada or the USA. The initial tasks will be small, with the potential for larger projects if your work is of high quality. You will be expected to collaborate with me on task sharing.

Ideal Skills and Experience:

- Proficiency with WordPress
- Prior experience in theme customization
- Familiarity with plugin installation
- Knowledge of content migration
- Strong communication skills
- Ability to work during PST timezone


You will be provided with:

- WordPress admin access
- Hosting account access

If you meet the criteria above and are interested in this position, feel free to reach out.

PHP   Website Design   WordPress   CSS   HTML   

10-30 USD
5 (9) 8/9
- 15 (26)
joshuasroberts2 Dynamic Work Week Calculation Web App
I'm seeking an experienced web developer to convert my Google Sheets calculator into a standalone, dynamic web application. The application should accurately and precisely replicate the functionality of my Google Sheets formula used to calculate the number of work weeks between two dates, with specific variable pass days. The final product should not rely on Google Sheets at all and should be a fully functional web-based solution. If the developer successfully replicates the week counting function, I'll be looking to build out the app further to perform additional precise calculations and functions.
PHP   JavaScript   Website Design   Software Architecture   HTML   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 3/9
- 23 (138)
kenkaisch U.S. Clergy Email Address Collection
I'm in need of valid and useable email addresses for clergy members in the U.S. from specific churches. This email list will be used for marketing and promotions.

Key Project Details:
- The email addresses should be sorted by denomination. The denominations that are of interest are: Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and United Church of Christ.
- In addition to the email addresses, it would be ideal if the list also included the name of the clergy and the church address.

I'm looking for an experienced professional who can provide accurate and high-quality data within a reasonable timeframe. A good understanding of the U.S. religious landscape and familiarity with data collection would be a plus.

Data Processing   Data Entry   Excel   Web Search   Data Mining   

750-1500 USD
5 (2) 5/9
- 2 (938)
hector004 Android Restaurant Order App
I'm seeking a professional developer to create a high-quality android app for my restaurant. The app should enable customers to engage with our offerings in a seamless way by offering an interactive menu display, providing order tracking, and facilitating table reservations.

-Menu Display: An attractive and easy-to-navigate display of our different menu items.

-Order Tracking: Real-time tracking functionality to let customers monitor the status of their orders.

-Table Reservation: A feature to reserve tables in advance, enhancing customer convenience.

Experience with PayPal integration is a must, as this will be our main mode of transaction. Proven success in developing restaurant apps will be a great advantage. I'm looking for someone with an eye for design, technical proficiency, and a background in user experience.

PHP   Java   Mobile App Development   Android   Software Architecture   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 31 (608)
MatiasZani Solve my SSH Server problem
I have an SSH server on my Windows 10 Pro and I am trying to access it from another PC on the LAN to my admin user, but I am unable to do so.
System Admin   Linux   Windows Server   VMware   Network Administration   

10-30 USD
5 (2) 8/9
- 8 (27)
salma669 Comprehensive Odoo Project for Pet Shop
I'm looking for an experienced Odoo developer to create a comprehensive Odoo project for my pet shop. The project should encompass a wide array of features including Sales, Purchase, Point of Sale, Studio, Accounting, Inventory, E-commerce, Invoicing, and more. The project's deadline is 24/7/2024.

Key Requirements:
- Sales: The Sales feature should include Order management, Customer management, and Quotation management functionalities.
- Dashboard: I need a Dashboard that provides insights on sales performance, inventory overview, and financial reports.
- Point of Sale: A seamless Point of Sale system that integrates with other components of the project.
- E-commerce: A user-friendly and secure E-commerce module that can handle online transactions effectively.
- Studio: The Studio feature should be implemented to customize the project according to the specific needs of the pet shop.
- Accounting and Invoicing: Robust and accurate accounting and invoicing systems are crucial components of this project.
- Inventory: An Inventory management system that ensures stock levels are maintained and tracked efficiently.

Ideal candidates should have:
- Proven experience in developing Odoo projects.
- A strong understanding of sales and inventory management.
- Proficiency in E-commerce and Point of Sale systems.
- A keen eye for financial reporting and accounting.
- Prior experience in creating customized Odoo projects using the Studio module.
- A track record of delivering projects on time and to specifications.

Please note that the deadline for this project is non-negotiable, so commitment to meeting the 24/7/2024 deadline is essential.

Accounting   Sales   eCommerce   ERP   Odoo   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 4 (104)
ejbest2000 AWS command line issue (5 stars) help
Done this before and not sure what I have done wrong

Setup a "admins" group and added a user to that group with AdministratorAccess
and AmazonEC2FullAccess

Setup a keypair and "aws configure" like I did many times and now getting this?

aws ec2 create-key-pair --key-name MyKeyPair --query 'KeyMaterial' --output text > MyKeyPair.pem
An error occurred (AuthFailure) when calling the CreateKeyPair operation: AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

Can you help me please

Will give a 5 Star Review when this is done and will write such inspiring words for you, when done.

Please understand; there is hope you can give your “best” price; been unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $10 possible? Please note $10 is the max total that I can handle for this (doing hourly reduces % fee). Will leave a Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars : - )

My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Look at feedback on my profile, feedback I left for many others. Here is the project:


ANY THOUGHTS ? Please note project is due in two hours as this projects deadline, as this is needed if we can get some done - then we can talk about next steps and 5 stars and another job also. If this is a good one and we are "successful"; would need a couple others setup, but will handle one at a time? Can you do this for something reasonable in a couple hours? thoughts ?

Shell Script   Amazon Web Services   Scripting   Bash Scripting   

2-8 USD
5 (576) 6/9
- 6 (13)
chris0816 B2B Lead Generation and Sales Support
As a digital services company based in Australia, we're looking for a dedicated freelancer to assist us in the lead general and sales role. The primary tasks involved are lead list building and proactive outreach via email/phone.

Key Responsibilities:
- Lead List Building: You'll be responsible for expanding our B2B database, ensuring the leads are relevant to our services and industry.
- Proactive Reach Out: The core of this role involves reaching out to the compiled leads in a proactive manner, through both email and phone. This necessitates excellent communication skills and a good understanding of digital services.

Experience and Skills:
- Proven track record in B2B lead generation and sales – ideally in a digital services context.
- Strong communication skills, particularly in reaching out to potential leads.
- Familiarity with CRM software and maintaining records, as we need a systematic approach to tracking these leads.

Progress Management:
While we don't require extensive reporting, regular contact is key. You should be proactive in updating us on the status of lead generation and the outcomes of your proactive outreach. A simple and efficient method of contact is preferred, such as a quick email update.

Ultimately, we need someone who can take the lead in building our B2B client base and help us grow our digital services.

Data Entry   Telemarketing   Sales   CRM   Leads   

750-1500 AUD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 7 (1052)
samadrita1234 Scientific Data Display Website Development
I'm in need of a professional who can help me develop a website that is focused on the dissemination of AI integrated products in a AI company. The main purpose of this project is to facilitate the efficient sharing of scientific findings and updates.

Key tasks for this project:
- Design and develop a user-friendly and visually impactful website
- Organise a seamless structure for data presentation
- Implement functionality for users to easily access and understand the presented data
- Assure the website is fully functional and error-free
- Help in creating Business Logo
- Help making company email

Ideal skills and experience:
- Proven expertise in website development
- Experience with data-based or scientific websites would be a significant plus
- Strong understanding of user experience and interface for data-rich websites
- High attention to detail
- Good knowledge of latest web technologies and platforms.

Your role will be crucial in shaping a tool that allows users to effortlessly navigate, comprehend and benefit from the showcased scientific data.

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   HTML   React.js Framework   

20-250 GBP
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 50 (201)
djchitown872 Shopify Website Enhancements
I'm looking to work with a talented and experienced Shopify developer to enhance my existing store. Here's an overview of the key areas I want to focus on:
I won't respond to any automated bids. You must tell me what you will do specifically to improve the front and back end of the site. The site is at
I have 1200 products and all single items. I want to manage the inventory and will also be listing the items on Facebook and eBay.

- **Design & Layout**: I'm looking to improve the navigation and menu structure. I also need assistance in making the title and photos more appealing.

- **Functionality & User Experience**: I'm interested in implementing a product filtering system to make it easier for my customers to find what they're looking for. Additionally, I need help in improving the site's load times for faster page loading.

- **SEO Optimization & Inventory Management**: I'm also seeking assistance in improving the SEO of my website. Additionally, I will need support in managing the inventory effectively.

Ideal skills and experiences for this project include:
- Proven experience with Shopify development
- Strong understanding of UI/UX principles
- Previous projects with implementing product filtering systems
- SEO Optimization expertise
- Inventory management experience

Your expertise will be crucial in taking my store to the next level. Looking forward to your proposals!

PHP   Website Design   HTML   Shopify Templates   Shopify   

10-30 USD
5 (3) 5/9
- 22 (34)
Reffenny004 Data Entry: Organize Text Documents Alphabetically
I am looking for a diligent freelancer to help me with a straightforward data entry task.

Key Responsibilities:
- The task involves copying data from text documents.
- The data needs to be organized alphabetically.

Ideal Skills and Experience:
- Strong attention to detail.
- Proficiency in data entry techniques.
- Ability to organize and sort data alphabetically.

Data Processing   Data Entry   Excel   Web Scraping   Web Search   

250-750 EUR
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 49 (389)
janine160 Lead-Generating Landing Page Design
Marketing is the publication of content on various media to acquire qualified buyers and
solve their specific needs, wants, desires, problems, aligned with our boutique systems.

Need a custom designed page (Absolutely no Elementor or the similar) Need custom, boutique page, single page for

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   HTML   Landing Pages   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 48 (138)
Shahinalam2024 Guest Post Backlink Need
I need help obtaining high-quality backlinks from reputable websites in the business and finance industry. The purpose of these guest posts is to boost my website traffic, improve search engine rankings, and build brand awareness.

Key Responsibilities:
- Identify and reach out to websites with good domain authority and relevance to business and finance.
- Develop engaging, informative content that will be published as guest posts.
- Ensure the backlinks are placed strategically in the content for maximum SEO benefit.
- Deliver the project as soon as possible.

DA- 65-100
TF- 5+
Niches- Business, Finance
Site Traffic- min 10k

Internet Marketing   SEO   Link Building   Marketing   Article Writing   

10-30 USD
0 (N/A) 5/9
- 5 (19)
modinaarif Text Data Entry from Printed Documents
I need a proficient data entry specialist to input text information from printed documents into an Excel spreadsheet.

Key Responsibilities:
- Transcribe text accurately and promptly from printed documents to Excel.
- Ensure data integrity and quality in the input process.

Skills and Experience:
- Previous experience in data entry with a keen eye for detail.
- Proficiency in using Excel for data input.
- Excellent reading and typing skills.

Data Processing   Data Entry   Excel   PDF   Copy Typing   

15-25 USD
0 (N/A) 3/9
- 48 (18)
paschalolisa Automated Telegram Group Welcome Software
I'm in need of a software that will be able to message people with a specific message when they join a group my accounts are members of on Telegram.

Key Requirements:
- The software should be able to automatically identify and message users who join a group. It should be based on their Telegram user IDs to ensure accuracy.
- The message that will be sent should be a combination of a welcome message with information about the group, instructions on how to get started, and a personalized message with their name.

The software should support multiple accounts up to 100 accounts and should support proxy

Once a person joins a group, first account out of my accounts will message him, and if another person join my group second account will message him automatically and after all the accounts has messaged newly joining members, it will start from first account to be messaging newly joining members in the group

Their will be a bot that will forward any message sent to any of the accounts my bot is using to message newly joined members to my account and if I should reply in the bot, the user who messaged my account will receive it as a reply too

Ideal Skills:
- Proficiency in Telegram API
- Experience in developing automation software
- Understanding of how to handle and message users within Telegram groups

Your bid for this project should include a brief overview of your experience, proposed approach to the project, and an estimated timeline for completion.

PHP   C Programming   Java   Python   Software Architecture   

50-200 USD
5 (13) 7/9
- 19 (133)
Shahinalam2024 Business & Finance Backlink Acquisition
I'm looking for a skilled individual or team to acquire high-quality backlinks in the business and finance niches.

Key Requirements:
- Improve my website's search engine rankings
- Increase my website's traffic
- Enhance my online reputation

Specific Niches:
I'm targeting backlinks in both the business and finance sectors. This will require links from reputable websites, blogs, and forums within these niches.

I am open to discussing the budget based on the quality and quantity of the backlinks you can provide.

Ideal Skills & Experience:
- Proven track record in acquiring high-quality backlinks
- Knowledge of the business and finance niches
- Understanding of SEO and search engine ranking factors
- Strong communication skills

If you believe you can help me achieve my goals through acquiring these backlinks, please reach out.

Internet Marketing   SEO   Link Building   Marketing   Search Engine Marketing   

10-30 USD
0 (N/A) 5/9
- 4 (20)
erniespence NoSQL Database to Palantir Foundry Integration
I need a professional who can seamlessly integrate structured data from a NoSQL database into Palantir Foundry.

The project is expected to run for about 8 weeks. You'll be working with/supported by the business process SMEs and team of professional management consultants who are responsible for developing the overall solution. You're here to pull the data into Foundry, program the analysis, and develop the visualizations.

Key Aspects:

- Pulling Structured Data: You should be adept at extracting and working efficiently with structured datasets.

- NoSQL Database Experience: Proficient in managing data from a NoSQL database, with a profound understanding of NoSQL-based systems' specifics.

- Palantir Foundry Knowledge: You must have experience with Palantir Foundry. Familiarity with data integration into this platform is essential.

- Will also be programming the analysis in Foundry (we'll give you the analysis & workflow, you will bring it to life in Foundry) and developing the visualizations, drill-down capabilities, etc.

This project demands someone with practical, hands-on experience. The ideal applicant will showcase a proven record of similar integrations, emphasizing the efficient use of resources.

NoSQL Couch & Mongo   Database Administration   Hadoop   Database Development   Data Warehousing   

50- USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 4 (55)
Shahinalam2024 Google 1st Page Rank, No Rank No Payment Release
I need complete SEO help for all my websites, including on-page, off-page, schema, core web vitals, AMP, and more.

I know a bit about SEO and have many websites that need an expert's touch—around 70-80 sites. I'll start with a few as a test, about 1/3 of them. If I see good results in the first month, I'll give you all the work starting next month.

I'm sure the keywords are easy to rank because they have low competition. It should take no more than 2 months, but I can give an extra 30 days if needed, making it a total of 90 days. A few days more or less is okay.

If you're absolutely sure you can get my sites to the first page of Google within 60-90 days, guaranteeing results, then please send me your proposal. If not, please don't send one.

Internet Marketing   SEO   Link Building   Marketing   Search Engine Marketing   

10-30 USD
0 (N/A) 5/9
- 6 (23)
JB20242050 Advanced Blockchain Developer for Pi Network Dapp
I am seeking an advanced and experienced blockchain developer to create a Dapp for the Pi network. This Dapp will focus on users exchanging items in a barter system. The key features of the Dapp will include:

- Automatic updating searchable database: The Dapp will have a database that automatically updates as users add items and make trades.
- User-to-user trade functionality: Users should be able to directly trade with one another.
- Barter system: The Dapp will utilize a barter system, with users exchanging items without the need for currency but also allow any and all currency exchanges.

I envision the negotiation process to be manual, where users can communicate with each other and agree on the terms of the trade. The Dapp should also support the ability to Accept or Decline Smart Contracts. Additionally, I want a permanent ban feature for users who do not abide by the agreements made.

In terms of security, I am looking for basic encryption and security protocols to be implemented for user transactions.

I expect the ideal candidate to have a solid background in blockchain development, with experience in creating Dapps and implementing secure trading features. The candidate should also be able to integrate a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and a seamless trading experience.

Website Design   Software Architecture   Software Testing   MySQL   HTML   

15-25 USD
0 (N/A) 5/9
- 53 (23)
haythamabozaid1 Scalable Python Script Hosting on Google Cloud
I'm looking for someone with experience in hosting Python scripts on Google Cloud. Specifically, the task is to host a Python script that uses the Binance API for trading.

Key requirements:
- Ensuring the script is scalable and reliable on the Google Cloud platform
- Immediate availability and ability to complete the task ASAP
- Proven track record in hosting Python scripts on Google Cloud

Please include examples of your previous work in your proposal.

PHP   JavaScript   Python   Linux   Software Architecture   

10-30 USD
0 (N/A) 6/9
- 12 (19)
dmar1907 UI Design for Flutter Rideshare App
I'm looking for a skilled Flutter developer to enhance the visual design of my existing rideshare app. The focus is on creating a futuristic style user interface that's sleek, user-friendly and visually appealing.

Key Requirements:
- Redesign the user interface of my existing Flutter rideshare app.
- Implement a minimalist approach with a futuristic design style.
- Maintain the current functionality and user experience while enhancing the visual appeal.

Ideal Skills:
- Proficiency in Flutter for mobile app development.
- Strong background in UI/UX design, with a futuristic aesthetic.
- Ability to understand and work within an existing codebase.
- Prior experience in redesign projects is a plus.

If you have a keen eye for design, solid experience in Flutter, and can bring a modern, futuristic touch to my app, I would love to hear from you.

Graphic Design   Logo Design   Mobile App Development   User Interface / IA   UX / User Experience   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 3/9
- 55 (465)
IbrahimSalloum Shopify Competitor Pricing Analysis -- 2
I'm in need of a Shopify expert who can undertake a comprehensive competitor analysis focusing solely on product pricing.

Key Aspects:
- I require a detailed comparison of my product pricing with that of competitors in the global market.
- It's crucial that this analysis covers a wide range of products, so a strong understanding of e-commerce dynamics and Shopify's functionalities will be highly beneficial.
- The primary goal is to identify areas where my prices are competitive and pinpoint those where adjustments may be needed.

Ideal Freelancer:
- Must have prior experience in similar competitor analysis tasks, preferable in the e-commerce sector.
- Deep understanding of how pricing impacts customer behavior and purchasing decisions, particularly in online retail environments.
- Proficiency in using Shopify's backend for data extraction and comparison.

I need to do this for almost 500 products ASAP !!
Please only bid if you think you can finish in matters of days

Please say "deal" at first of your bid to know that you have read the last two sentences in particular

Thanks !

eCommerce   Shopify   Competitor Analysis   

30-250 USD
5 (10) 8/9
- 17 (148)
payna7 Find and Deliver a Specific Boxing Match (Daniela Bermudez vs Valeria Perez) -- 2
I need help in obtaining a video of a specific boxing match - Daniela Bermudez vs Valeria Perez. The video can be sourced from any platform where it is available.

Key Requirements:
- Locate and provide a download link or the video itself of the specified boxing match.
- The quality and format of the video are not specific, as long as it's viewable.

Ideal Skills and Experience:
- Proficient in internet research to locate specific content.
- Experience in video downloading and sharing.
- Basic understanding of boxing matches and events would be helpful, but not mandatory.

Please deliver the video to me in any format possible. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Web Scraping   Web Search   

10-30 USD
0 (N/A) 1/9
- 10 (48)
wurkado Multitenancy Property Management Website Development
I need a multitenancy website built to manage multiple rental properties, with tenant portal

Key Features Needed:
- Online Booking: A feature that facilitates seamless online bookings for the properties.
- Tenant Screening: A tool for screening potential tenants to ensure suitability and minimize risks.
- Rent Collection: A secure and efficient rent collection system.

Other Requirements:
- Multitenancy: The platform should be capable of managing single or multiple rental properties.
- Separate Dashboards: I need separate dashboards for property owners and tenants. These dashboards should have different access levels, ensuring data privacy and security.
- Offers customizable templates that enable landlords to generate lease tailored to their specific requirements
- Rent Payment Tracking
- Supports collaboration and facilitates task coordination within teams
- Other default features

Ideal Skills and Experience:
- Proficiency in developing multitenancy websites and property management systems.
- Previous experience with implementing online booking, tenant screening, and rent collection systems.
- Excellent understanding of different dashboard designs and access levels.
- Strong security and data privacy measures implementation.

Please provide examples of similar projects you've completed, as well as an overview of your approach to this project. I am open for tech suggestions.

JavaScript   Node.js   RESTful API   MongoDB   React.js Framework   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 6/9
- 61 (512)
garybelvin44 CORS Error Fix for Chrome Extension
I have a chrome extension that is only 25 lines of code. I'm getting a CORS error when sending data to the API endpoint. The API endpoint does have access headers allowed. I just need the data to send to the API. The CORS error should be very quick to solve for someone that knows chrome extensions well.

let divContent = '';
let divElement = document.getElementById('orders_list_overlay_div');
if (divElement)
dataToSend = divElement.innerHTML;

fetch('*** api endpoint ***', {
method: 'POST',
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'application/json'
body: JSON.stringify(dataToSend)
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
console.log('API response:', data);
sendResponse({ success: true, response: data });
.catch(error => {
console.error('Error sending data to API:', error);
sendResponse({ success: false, error: error.message });

PHP   JavaScript   Software Architecture   jQuery / Prototype   Google Chrome   

15-25 USD
5 (6) 4/9
- 43 (23)
jovceivanovski13 E-commerce Website Creation on ClickFunnels
I'm eager to have an E-commerce website, with ClickFunnels as the platform. The site is aimed at selling physical goods.

Key Requirements:
- E-commerce Focus: The site should be designed with a focus on seamless and secure online transactions for physical goods.
- ClickFunnels Expertise: The ideal freelancer should have a solid grasp of the ClickFunnels platform to ensure a smooth and professional website design.
- Visual Appeal: Aesthetic considerations are important to me. The site should be visually appealing and easy to navigate for potential customers.
- Customization: I'd like the site to be tailored to my needs and brand, so a flexible approach to design and functionality is a plus.

I haven't specified a payment gateway yet, so I'm open to suggestions and advice on the most suitable option. The site's success is a priority for me, so I'm keen on working with someone who understands the importance of user experience and can help drive sales through the website.

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   eCommerce   HTML   

30-250 USD
5 (10) 4/9
- 44 (174)
rmc2015 Proficient VA for Busy Distribution Firm -- 2
I'm in need of a competent **full time** Virtual Assistant who can help manage multiple aspects of my business. MUST BE ABLE TO WORK IN US PACIFIC TIMEZONEThis includes handling:

1. Coordination - Work with Suppliers to ensure timely progress on POs.
2. Sales - You will be tasked to do sales work daily 3-4 hours by calling, emails, etc.
2. Data Entry: Regularly inputting necessary data. For this reason, proficient skills in Google Sheets are required.
3. Accounting: Create Invoices, POs, Maintaining business finance records with a sound intermediate level of knowledge in accounting.

An ideal candidate for this role would be someone who is meticulous, organized, and knowledgeable about Google Sheets and accounting principles. Strong attention to detail and the ability to work with minimal supervision would be highly appreciated. This role requires good interpersonal skills, as they might have to coordinate with other members of staff or clients when managing the calendar. Proven experience in a similar virtual assistant role would be a bonus.

Data Processing   Data Entry   Accounting   Excel   Virtual Assistant   

8-15 USD
4.8 (13) 5/9
- 23 (12)
AnimCreator Studio Tech Blog Website Development
I'm looking for a skilled web developer to create a Blog website similar to, with a primary focus on technology.

Key Requirements:
- Design and develop a WordPress blog website with a layout similar to
- Ensure the site is user-friendly and engaging
- Implement features that allow for easy content management and viewer interaction
- The blog will focus on Technology, so your experience in this area is highly valuable
- Familiarity with SEO best practices for blogs is a plus

Ideal Skills:
- WordPress development
- Blog website design and development
- Strong understanding of technology content
- SEO for blogs

I'm looking for someone with a portfolio that showcases your past WordPress projects and technology-related work. Please include samples of your past work in your proposal.

PHP   Website Design   SEO   WordPress   HTML   

250-750 AUD
4.87 (45) 8/9
- 70 (504)
zishkhan101 Complete On-Page SEO for E-commerce Site
I need a professional SEO expert to handle the on-page optimization of my e-commerce website. The primary goals are to enhance brand visibility and increase website traffic.

Key requirements include:
- Title optimization
- H1, H2, H3 tags
- Meta description enhancement
- Image alt tags
- Keyword research for better targeting
- Full page audit to identify and fix any underlying SEO issues

The job involves optimizing 45 pages on my website. Your expertise in e-commerce SEO and a proven track record of enhancing brand visibility through on-page SEO are necessary for this project.

Internet Marketing   SEO   Link Building   Marketing   Search Engine Marketing   

10-20 GBP
0 (N/A) 3/9
- 17 (77)
ribos8 Magento E-Commerce Site Revamp
I'm seeking a skilled Magento developer to enhance my website with robust e-commerce capabilities. Key functionalities to be implemented include, but not limited to:

- Developing a 'Shop by Type' category function for product organization.
- Integrating thorough e-commerce features aimed at improving user experience.
- Multivendor

Ideal candidates for this project should have in-depth experience with handling Magento-based projects and a strong background in e-commerce website development. Your portfolio should demonstrate a track record of implementing similar features.

PHP   Website Design   Magento   eCommerce   HTML   

750-1500 EUR
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 50 (1073)
str8dropjuice Sports Betting Module & Trading Bot Code
I'm looking for a developer with experience in sports betting and automated trading who can write a code for a sports betting module and a trading bot.

Specific requirements include:
- Including the top 12 sports (with a focus on football, basketball, and tennis).
- Incorporating various betting options: Moneyline bets, point spread bets, over/under bets, and combinations parlay’s money line & under & over.
- Designing a trading bot with features for automated trading based on predefined rules.

Ideal candidates will have knowledge in sports betting algorithms, programming automated trading bots, and proficiency in real-time data analysis. Experience with multiple exchange support would be highly appreciated. Time management skills and attention to detail are key.

PHP   C Programming   JavaScript   Software Architecture   C++ Programming   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 12 (116)
lilryan Ring Central Embeddable Softphone - Remove Demo Mode
I have a Ring Central embeddable softphone on my website/server, but it's currently stuck in demo mode. I would like someone with strong experience with this API:
To take my soft phone out of demo mode. I have an approved Live app in the Ring Central developer account.

I'm looking for someone with expertise in Ring Central's Embeddable API, specifically with the softphone SDK, as well as general VoIP and telephony experience.

This app is currently using PHP & Javascript.

PHP   JavaScript   Node.js   API   API Integration   

30-250 USD
5 (30) 7/9
- 31 (150)
We are seeking an experienced web developer to enhance and complete our hotel booking website, The front end has been developed but requires significant modifications.

My project entails:
- Implementing a mechanism enabling customers to "Bid Their Own Price".
- The system should allow instant booking if the customer's proposed price meets or exceeds our pre-determined threshold.

*Key Requirements:*
1. Proven experience in developing hotel booking websites.
2. Ability to implement dynamic pricing with adjustable IP addresses and a "bid your own price" feature.
3. Proficiency in CodeIgniter and Laravel.
4. Capability to update the front end for two types of users: hotels creating profiles with package options and travelers booking stays.
5. Experience integrating all available payment methods.
6. Transfer and adapt existing Hotel data from Previous website to a new website and adjust the layout to a new layout.
7. Optimise to all iOS and Android devices.

*Payment Structure:*
- Full website ready by July 5: $2,500
- Full website ready by July 10: $2,000
- Full website ready by end of July: $1,500

Please ensure you have relevant experience and do not submit work that isn't yours, as we can verify the authenticity. Review the current website thoroughly before submitting your proposal. If you are not happy with these terms, please skip and do not send your proposal. Read the conditions first, and then we can discuss further.

Thank you.

Codeigniter   Laravel   Transfer Pricing   Dynamic 365   

1500-3000 EUR
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 43 (2573)
WindowsDoor Website Fix web store

Please improve my website

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   eCommerce   HTML   

750-1500 USD
5 (19) 3/9
- 87 (963)
kelbixgroup Requirement & Document Management System Module to be integrated into an existing Laravel SaaS system
I'm seeking a proficient Laravel developer to build a cutting-edge Requirement and Document Management System module.

This module would be created as a module and addon for subscribed companies (users).

For Document Management System module: we can use an existing laravel script (paid purchase) and integrate and customise it.

For Requirement module: this would be custom module. and subscribers would have ability to modify tag names such as Supplier or contractor or client and also to their sub.

Please note that these modules can be turn on and off as an addon for subscription.

Key requirements:
- Document storage and versioning: The system should allow for easy, secure storage and version control of project documents.
- Collaboration and comment features: Users should be able to work together on documents, providing feedback and making comments in real-time.
- Integration with other project management tools: The system needs to be seamlessly integrated with other project management tools to ensure a smooth workflow for users.

It's crucial that the system is user-friendly and intuitive as the primary users will not be technical professionals.

PHP   Software Architecture   MySQL   Laravel   Full Stack Development   

30-250 USD
4.98 (49) 7/9
- 26 (146)
zwswebs WooCommerce Product Customization Expert Needed
I'm in need of a skilled expert in the 'Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce' plugin by Theme Complete. The task will involve creating a complex product with new options and calculations.

Key Points:
- Additions: Implementing new options such as size, color, and material, as well as additional customizations.
- Specifics: The 'More' options will include a text input field, image upload field, and checkbox options.
- Calculations: Pricing for each option should be fixed, rather than based on quantity or other options.

Ideal Skillset:
- Proficiency in WooCommerce and the 'Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce' plugin.
- Experience in developing complex product customization tools.
- Ability to implement fixed pricing for various product options.

This project requires attention to detail and strong problem-solving skills. Please only bid if you have prior experience with this plugin and can demonstrate similar work.

PHP   JavaScript   WordPress   CSS   WooCommerce   

3000-5000 EUR
5 (24) 6/9
- 34 (3890)
Magarganga Comprehensive HR Strategy for Multiple Companies
I'm in need of a professional who can craft a robust HR strategy to be implemented across a group of companies. The key components of this strategy should include:

- **Recruitment and Onboarding:**
- Creating a plan for attracting the right talent.
- Streamlining the onboarding process to ensure new employees integrate seamlessly.

- **Performance Management:**
- Implementing metrics and systems to track employee performance.
- Developing strategies for managing and rewarding high performers.

- **Training and Development:**
- Designing a comprehensive training program that aligns with the business goals.
- Ensuring ongoing development opportunities for employees.

The group of companies consists of more than 10 entities, and they operate in various industries. This strategy needs to be versatile and adaptable to different sectors.

Ideal candidates should have:
- Proven experience in developing and implementing HR strategies across multiple entities.
- A deep understanding of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and training and development practices.
- Strong analytical skills to assess the needs of different industries.
- Excellent communication skills to coordinate with various stakeholders.
- Relevant certifications or degrees in HR management or related fields would be an advantage.

This project is not just about creating a document but about ensuring smooth and effective implementation of the strategy across the diverse group of companies.

PHP   Report Writing   Management   Research Writing   Business Analysis   

1500-3000 USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 52 (2044)
cristian381 Development of E-Commerce Platform for Selling 3D Printed Objects
Project Objective:
Create an e-commerce platform that allows the sale of 3D printed objects. The platform should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and capable of managing the entire order process, from product selection to payment and tracking of manufacturing and delivery.

Main Features of the Platform:
Product Selection:

List of available 3D printed objects.
Option for users to select the object, quantity, and custom features if applicable.
Payment Management:

Integration with multiple payment methods (credit card, PayPal, bank transfers, etc.).
Inclusion of shipping costs in the final price or the option for pick-up at a designated point.
Order Tracking:

Generation of an order so that customers can track the manufacturing and delivery process.
Real-time updates on order status.
Shipping Information:

Form for customers to enter their shipping details.
Integration with shipping services to automatically calculate costs and delivery time.
Integration with Bambulab Cloud:

Ability to retrieve information and 3D models from Bambulab’s cloud for use in object manufacturing.
Autonomous Point of Sale:

Development of a store version to be used on a vertical touch-screen TV placed in a shopping mall.
Intuitive interface adapted for use in a self-service environment.

Technical Requirements:

Experience in developing e-commerce platforms.
Knowledge of integrating payment systems.
Ability to work with Bambulab cloud APIs.
Development of user-friendly and responsive interfaces, both for web and a touch-screen device in a physical point of sale.

Project Deliverables:

Complete E-Commerce Platform: Ready for selling 3D printed objects.
Store Version for Touch-Screen Point of Sale: Adapted for use on a vertical TV.
Technical and User Documentation: Clear instructions for the use and maintenance of the platform.

Delivery Timeframe:
MVP - 1 month
Final result - 3 months

Selection Criteria:

Demonstrable experience in similar projects.
Portfolio of previous projects.
Good references and ratings on Freelancer.
Technical and economic proposal aligned with requirements.

How to Apply:
Submit your proposal including:

Examples of previous work.
Details of relevant experience.
Economic and timeline proposal.

SQL   Django   CMS   eCommerce   React.js   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 49 (596)
IbrahimSalloum Shopify Competitor Pricing Analysis
I'm in need of a Shopify expert who can undertake a comprehensive competitor analysis focusing solely on product pricing.

Key Aspects:
- I require a detailed comparison of my product pricing with that of competitors in the global market.
- It's crucial that this analysis covers a wide range of products, so a strong understanding of e-commerce dynamics and Shopify's functionalities will be highly beneficial.
- The primary goal is to identify areas where my prices are competitive and pinpoint those where adjustments may be needed.

Ideal Freelancer:
- Must have prior experience in similar competitor analysis tasks, preferable in the e-commerce sector.
- Deep understanding of how pricing impacts customer behavior and purchasing decisions, particularly in online retail environments.
- Proficiency in using Shopify's backend for data extraction and comparison.

I need to do this for almost 500 products ASAP !!
Please only bid if you think you can finish in matters of days

Please say "deal" at first of your bid to know that you have read the last two sentences in particular

Thanks !

eCommerce   Shopify   Competitor Analysis   

30-250 USD
5 (10) 8/9
- 24 (130)