Developershub002 Online Academy Business Manager Needed
As the owner of an online Academy business, I'm seeking a business manager who can take charge of a variety of tasks, including marketing and promotions, project management, and financial management.

The ideal candidate will:

- Manage all aspects of marketing and promotion: This will involve utilizing your skills in social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO optimization.
- Handle the project management: This includes planning and scheduling, team coordination, and budget management.
- Drive growth and success: You will be expected to not only maintain the current standards but also to work towards increasing the Academy's reach, impact and profitability.

I'm looking for someone with a strong background in business management, with experience in online businesses and digital marketing. You should be able to lead a team, manage budgets, and have a deep understanding of how to make an online business successful.

Internet Marketing   SEO   Facebook Marketing   Marketing   Social Media Marketing   

10-30 USD
5 (7) 9/9
- 1 (20)
Nateiza1 Online tutoring Website - Urgent Build
I need an online tutoring platform, within one month. Users can search tutors based off skills, message or see the tutors calendar and book a class, complete payment and do the video call within the platform (using agora or similar video integration) and also integration with other social media platforms.

I would like it built using Next.js and Vercel. Happy for you to use agora for the video chat functionality

Key Features:
- Video chat functionality: The ability for tutors and students to communicate in real-time through video.
- User profile management: Users should be able to create and manage their profiles easily.
- Payment integration: A seamless system to handle transactions between tutors and students.
- Bookings: Students should be able to book sessions with tutors.
- External app integration: The platform needs to sync with calendar apps, connect with social media platforms, and integrate with messaging apps.
- Timeline: This project is urgent and must be completed within a month.

Ideal skills and experience for this project:
- Full-stack development expertise
- Proficiency in video chat API integration
- E-commerce and payment gateway integration experience
- Prior project experience with similar booking systems
- Understanding of external app integration and API's
- Ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver high-quality results

I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can build a robust, user-friendly website following the outlined requirements and on a strict timeline.

PHP   JavaScript   Website Design   Graphic Design   HTML   

250-750 AUD
5 (1) 3/9
- 22 (469)
FubuDesign WooCommerce & Printify Expert to fix errors
I'm seeking a proficient WooCommerce and Printify/Printful specialist to fix the issue with product not being published on the platform. after setting up the products, they return with a publishing error and the product is not load successfully

Key Responsibilities:
- Understand and integrate Printify/Printful with my existing WordPress/WooCommerce website
- Ensure smooth functionality for offering a combination of physical and digital files
- Assist in making sure the product listings can be complete successfully, ensuring a seamless customer experience
- Provide training and support on product management post-integration

Ideal Candidate:
- Extensive experience with WooCommerce, Printify/Printful, and similar e-commerce integrations
- Proven track record of successfully expanding product lineups with print-on-demand items
- Strong understanding of product listing best practices and customization options within WooCommerce
- Excellent communication skills and a willingness to provide necessary post-launch support

PHP   WordPress   eCommerce   HTML   WooCommerce   

30-250 USD
4.97 (28) 7/9
- 25 (134)

Job Description:
We are seeking dedicated Property Managers to provide full account management for hosts. As a Property Manager, you will play a crucial role in ensuring our clients' properties are effectively managed and their needs are met. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, attention to detail, and a passion for hospitality.

• Get/download our client property (review and correct wrong information - if any)
• Post/advertise it on our partner marketplace/platform or mobile application:
• Maintain the calendar up to date
• Manage each account efficiently (reply to inquiries and/or accept bookings, inform guests about availability or unavailability) to maintain a high acceptance rate
• Forward all guest information to your supervisor (name, email, phone number, reservation number, booking period, and guest payment information)

• Preferably a Bachelor’s degree holder
• Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
• Proficient in using email and various devices (computer or smartphone)
• Familiarity with basic software tools, particularly Microsoft office (word & excel)
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
• Ability to multitask and manage time effectively in a fast-paced environment

If this sounds like you, we’d love you to apply!

We believe in the power of an inclusive and diverse workforce. We trust you will bring your authentic self to work, and we will focus on making sure that together, we make a strong contribution to the broader community in which we operate. Where possible, flexible working arrangements are the norm, as we know a better work-life balance can improve your motivation, performance, and productivity.

Project Management   Data Entry   Excel   Word   Microsoft Office   

18-43 EUR
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 10 (23)
kauanyl4 SEO Vlog Post for Website Ranking
I'm in need of a top-level SEO vlog post to improve the search engine rankings of my website. The vlog post will focus on the topic of Payment Gateway and should be expertly optimized for search engines.

Key Requirements:
- Create a vlog post focusing on the Payment Gateway to boost SEO
- Optimize the vlog post for my website specifically
- Employ SEO best practices to improve search engine rankings
- Experience in creating vlog content with a focus on SEO

Ideal Skills:
- Expertise in SEO strategies for vlog posts
- Experience in producing vlog content in the tech/payment gateway niche
- Proven track record of improving website rankings through vlog posts

The successful candidate for this project will be someone with a deep understanding of SEO and vlog content creation. Please provide examples of prior work in this area.

Internet Marketing   SEO   Marketing   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 3/9
- 23 (325)
Joaquin77v PWA Development for Laudus API Integration
I need a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that can interact with the Laudus API to retrieve lists of sales orders and purchase orders, validate and confirm them, and subsequently generate invoices for both sales and purchases within the same API. This project is specifically for PDA Caribe PL60L.

Key Features:
- View lists of sales orders: The PWA should enable users to view comprehensive lists of sales orders.
- View lists of purchase orders: The application should also allow viewing lists of purchase orders.
- Barcode/manual validation of quantities received/sent
- Generate purchase invoices: Successful completion of a purchase order should trigger the ability to generate an appropriate Invoice and sending it to Laudus API
- Generate sales invoices: Similarly, the successful processing of a sale should automatically trigger the creation of an invoice and sending it to Laudus API.
- Generate and print QR code of validation.
- Generate dispatch by reading qr code by transport user category.
- Confirm boxes reception by reading qr code by asigned customer user category.
- Manual confirmation of assigned customer user category of reception of each line of the Invoice, triggers generating the purchase invoice in the laudus api.

Authenticating Users:
The preferred method for user authentication in this PWA application is through a standard email and password login system. Please ensure that this method is robust and secure.

Ideal Freelancer:
I am looking for an experienced developer who has a proven track record in Progressive Web App development and API integration. Having prior expertise in financial systems or e-commerce platforms will be a plus. Your application should include a detailed overview of your relevant experience.

PHP   JavaScript   C# Programming   Software Architecture   MySQL   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 5/9
- 18 (565)
expert123321 iOS Health-tech App UI/UX Designer
We are looking for an experienced and creative UI/UX Designer to design our health-tech mobile app. The task must be completed by Tuesday.

Key Requirements:

• Create a user-friendly and visually appealing design for our health-tech app.
• Include an option for users to select their religion and receive food recommendations based on their dietary laws (e.g., Halal for Muslims, Kosher for Jews).
• Add a feature for analyzing cosmetics, especially for women, providing recommendations based on their health conditions.
• Ensure the design is not shared with others as this is a private startup project.
• Contact me for the full job description.
• Proven experience in mobile app design.

Why Apply:

• Opportunity for ongoing work if we are satisfied with your design.

Please apply with your portfolio and ensure the timely completion of the task. We look forward to potentially working with you!

Graphic Design   Logo Design   Mobile App Development   User Interface / IA   App Design   

10-30 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 11 (20)
KreativeK8S Resin Artist for Polymer Clay Earrings Refinement
I'm looking for someone in Adelaide Australia who is an experienced resin artist to bring my earring designs to life. Your tasks will involve:

- Adding a UV Resin finish to Polymer Clay Jewellery pieces mainly earrings to provide a sleek, glossy finish
- Refine and reshaping plus sanding after the pieces have had Resin finish completed ,to ensure a clean, minimal professional piece ready for product photography

The ideal candidate will have an aesthetic sense that leans towards a minimalistic style. Prior experience in jewellery, notably earrings, and specifically with resin materials is preferred. I'm excited to see my creations through your craft.

Candidate must have experience with the use of UV Resin and Curing, Resin Doming and Sanding finished Polymer Clay pieces.

Arts & Crafts   eCommerce   Jewellery   Resin   

30-250 AUD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 2 (132)
hnsminer1010 macOS High Sierra Hackintosh Setup
I'm looking to set up a Hackintosh on my PC, primarily for running macOS High Sierra. I'm not looking to use it for gaming, video editing or graphic design.

Key tasks and requirements:
- Installation of macOS High Sierra on my PC hardware, ensuring it runs smoothly
- Addressing any compatibility issues that may arise
- Providing guidance on maintenance and updates

I have not filled out the hardware compatibility concerns section as I am unsure what specific concerns may arise. I need a professional who has experience in setting up Hackintosh systems to ensure a seamless process.

Ideal skills and experience:
- Proven experience setting up Hackintosh systems, particularly running macOS High Sierra
- In-depth knowledge of macOS architecture and compatibility
- Excellent problem-solving skills to address any hardware compatibility issues that may arise.

Linux   Mac OS   Objective C   Software Testing   Ubuntu   

10-30 CAD
5 (1) 4/9
- 5 (34)
homenova Shopify Online Store Design
I'm looking for a professional who can design my online store on Shopify. The store's main purpose is to sell products, so the design should be clean, user-friendly, and optimized for sales.

Key requirements:
- Expertise in Shopify: Understanding of the platform's capabilities, tools, and limitations to create a high-converting store.
- Graphic design skills: Ability to create visually appealing layouts, product displays, and brand elements.
- E-commerce experience: Understanding of best practices for optimizing the user journey, checkout process, and overall conversion rates.

Specific integrations required:
- Social media: Implementing social sharing buttons, embedded feeds, and other social media elements to drive traffic and engagement.
- Email marketing: Integration with email marketing tools for automated campaigns, abandoned cart recovery, and other email-based sales strategies.

Website Design   eCommerce   Shopify Templates   Shopify   Social Media Marketing   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 28 (124)
SDHSTLEMP web designer and front-end developer
Building Side Hustle Empress: A Website for Women Entrepreneurs

Do you love empowering women and building beautiful websites? We need your help!

Side Hustle Empress is a platform where women entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate to turn their side hustles into thriving businesses. We're looking for a talented web designer and front-end developer to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website that reflects our mission.

What We Need:
Stunning Design: We want a website that's as inspiring as our community. Your design should be modern, user-friendly, and reflect the empowering spirit of Side Hustle Empress.
User Experience: Make it easy for women to register, create profiles, browse skills, connect with collaborators, and manage their barter exchanges.

Key Features:
User registration with membership tiers and secure payment processing.
Profile creation with media uploads and skill tagging.
Searchable directory to find collaborators.
Secure messaging system for communication.
Virtual meeting integration for collaboration.
Option to share experiences and success stories.
Profile boosts for increased visibility (optional).

The Skills Needed:
Frontend: Figma, HTML5, React.js

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to working with a talented developer to bring Side Hustle Empress to life.

Website Design   User Interface / IA   HTML5   React.js   Figma   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 33 (148)
yooooomafawzy Project Analyst for AI Company
I am looking for a seasoned Project Analyst to work on several projects within our AI company.

Key Responsibilities:
- Analyzing project data to provide insights to our development teams.
- Collaborating with other project members and senior management to identify and implement process improvements.

Skills & Experience:
- Expert level project management skills are crucial.
- Previous experience in a similar role is a must.
- Proficiency in analyzing data using industry standard tools and methodologies.

The successful candidate will need to have a keen eye for detail and excellent problem solving skills. A background in AI or related fields would be a plus.

Website Design   Logo Design   Illustrator   HTML   3D Design   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 15 (96)
christianthun1 Still creative ad for Meta platform
I am looking to create a custom display ad platform aimed primarily at businesses. The key feature I am interested in is the ability to create customizable ad templates. This will allow businesses to easily customize their ads to suit their brand image and message.

Key features of the display ad platform:
- Customizable ad templates: The platform should have a range of ad templates that can be easily customized by businesses to suit their branding and messaging needs.
- User-friendly interface: It's important that the platform is easy to use, even for those without a deep technical background.
- Scalability: The platform should be designed with the potential for growth and increased user base in mind.

Ideal skills and experience for this job:
- Proficiency in ad tech and display advertising
- Experience in developing customizable design templates
- Familiarity with creating user-friendly interfaces
- Previous work on scalable platforms

Understanding of the business landscape and what business owners might need in terms of ad customization would be a huge plus.

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   iPhone   HTML   

30-250 USD
5 (5) 4/9
- 25 (97)
MrDirkDiggler Looking for Brilliance
I'm seeking a talented web designer who can create an e-commerce website that goes beyond the ordinary.

Key Requirements:
- E-commerce Functionality: The site should have the necessary infrastructure for online transactions.
- Product Focus: It will be selling physical goods exclusively, such as clothes and electronics.
- Homepage Design: The ideal design will prominently feature best-selling items, maximizing user engagement and sales.

I'm looking for someone who is not only capable of developing a visually appealing and functional e-commerce website, but also has the potential to grow with the project. This isn't just a job; it's a chance to build a lasting career.

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   eCommerce   HTML   

250-750 USD
5 (1) 4/9
- 54 (455)
GPS electrónica
PHP   Mobile App Development   iPhone   Android   Software Architecture   

15-25 USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 9 (21)
nagashimarentaro WORDPRESS+HIVEPRESS Plugin:Customization Development for the HivePress Plugin Request Function

I am looking to commission specific customizations for our website using the HivePress plugin on WordPress. We would like the following requirements to be developed.

■Specific Requirements
1,Automatic Display of Price Input Field

Please add a function that automatically reflects and displays the price set by the requester in the "price input field" of the proposal form for sellers.

2,Design Change of Seller List Page

Modify the design of the seller list page to a list view, allowing users to check multiple sellers and make requests simultaneously.
Display items include: Nickname, Status, Age, Gender, Location, Occupation, Questions 1 to 4.

3,Date and Time Communication Function via Calendar

Add a function that allows requesters to communicate and schedule dates and times using a calendar.
Currently, the plugin allows vendors to specify times, but requesters cannot specify times. Please adjust this functionality.

■Required Skills
Experience in customizing the HivePress plugin
CSS and HTML skills

■Additional Information
As a premise of the project, we aim to avoid modifying the plugin itself as much as possible.
We will use the DIVI theme and build the main structure with the HivePress plugin.

If you are interested in this project, please contact us.

PHP   JavaScript   WordPress   CSS   HTML   

30-250 USD
5 (1) 4/9
- 32 (122)
Alumaryabdullah Handwritten Document Copy Typing
I have a very clear and easy to read handwritten document that I need to be typed into a standard text format. The handwriting is very legible and should not pose any difficulty in typing it out.

Ideal freelancer for this job:
- Proficient in typing, with high accuracy
- Attention to detail to ensure the document is typed accurately
- Prior experience in data entry or copy typing
- Ability to deliver the typed document in a timely manner

Please bid with your relevant experience and expected timeline for completion. Thank you.

Data Entry   Excel   PDF   Word   Copy Typing   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 173 (386)
recall2myra1 Manhattan Piano Teacher for Group Singers -- 2
I'm looking for a seasoned piano teacher in Manhattan to help me teach a group of singers a song on a monthly basis. This project will run from this month until November 2024, with a Saturday show date.

Key expectations:
- Your task will be to teach the same song to the group of singers every month
- The song has themes of courage, so your approach should be tailored to this

Ideal candidates for this role should have:
- A minimum of one year of musical training from a reputable school or church
- Prior experience working with a group of singers
- Strong piano playing skills and a good understanding of teaching techniques
- Excellent communication skills and ability to inspire and motivate
- Flexibility to work on a monthly basis
- Availability to work within a reasonable hourly fee

I'm aiming to complete the project ASAP. If you're a piano teacher with the right skills and passion for music, I'd love to hear from you.

Audio Services   Data Entry   Sound Design   Audio Production   

25-50 USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 6 (29)
samueldominello Profitable Binary Options Software
Hello programmer.

Have you developed a successful binary options signals software or know of one you can provide me? I’m looking for a proven profitable binary options signal software that can work on m1 expiries

PHP   C Programming   C# Programming   Software Architecture   C++ Programming   

30-250 AUD
4.99 (88) 6/9
- 9 (178)
Goshehhafez Create Startup from A to Z -- 4
Note: if you don't have new innovation idea don't bids on this project .

I looking for entpronour can create startup ( seed phase) ( idea and development proof the concept)

1: if have or research on idea of web
2: development / design until be product
3: get few customers by marketing

Marketing   Startups   Web Development   Full Stack Development   Web Application   

10-30 USD
4.98 (36) 7/9
- 7 (19)
TheEnterprenuer Fantasy Ludo-style PHP Game Development
I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create a multiplayer PHP-based game, inspired by Ludo, with specific requirements.

Key Aspects:
- Multiplatform: The game should be playable on web browsers and mobile devices, ensuring a wide audience reach.
- Fantasy Theme: The game should have a fantasy-based design, incorporating magical elements and engaging visual aesthetics.
- Multiplayer Features: The game must support online multiplayer functionality. Players should be able to play against friends and also engage in public matchmaking for more competitive rounds.

Ideal Skills:
- Strong experience in PHP game development, especially with multiplayer functionality
- Proficiency in incorporating cross-platform compatibility
- Creative design skills, specifically in the fantasy genre
- Prior experience with Ludo or similar board game projects would be a plus.

PHP   Game Design   Game Development   Web Development   

10-30 USD
0 (N/A) 5/9
- 3 (276)
TrustyHand Data Extraction Specialist Required -- 5
We need someone who can decrypt the .json files without an encryption key.

Key Points:
- Extensive experience in data extraction is important.
- Familiarity with data file extraction
- make a script that can decrypt a file

JSON   Coding   Data Extraction   Encryption   Certified Ethical Hacking   

30-250 CAD
4.66 (41) 8/9
- 2 (30)
recall2myra1 Manhattan Piano Teacher for Group Singers
I'm looking for a seasoned piano teacher in Manhattan to help me teach a group of singers a song on a monthly basis. This project will run from this month until November 2024, with a Saturday show date.

Key expectations:
- Your task will be to teach the same song to the group of singers every month
- The song has themes of courage, so your approach should be tailored to this

Ideal candidates for this role should have:
- A minimum of one year of musical training from a reputable school or church
- Prior experience working with a group of singers
- Strong piano playing skills and a good understanding of teaching techniques
- Excellent communication skills and ability to inspire and motivate
- Flexibility to work on a monthly basis
- Availability to work within a reasonable hourly fee

I'm aiming to complete the project ASAP. If you're a piano teacher with the right skills and passion for music, I'd love to hear from you.

Audio Services   Data Entry   Sound Design   Audio Production   

25-50 USD
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 3 (34)
mcgirrthomas New Client Email Campaign
I'm looking for a skilled professional who can assist in executing a mass email campaign to connect with new clients.

Key Requirements:
- I'm planning to send these emails to more than 500 recipients. Prior experience with handling mass emails of this scale is a must.
- The primary goal of this campaign is to create new client connections. As such, the emails should be engaging, professional and align with this objective.
- I will be providing an existing database with the necessary contact information. The freelancer should be capable of importing this data accurately and ensuring it's utilized effectively in the campaign.

Ideal Skills & Experience:
- Proven experience with mass email campaigns, particularly for client acquisition.
- Excellent copywriting skills to craft engaging, client-focused emails.
- Proficient in data management and capable of importing and utilizing contact information accurately.
- Familiarity with relevant email marketing tools and platforms.

I'm looking for a freelancer who can bring a combination of technical skill, creative flair, and an understanding of client acquisition to this project. Please share relevant experience when bidding.

Internet Marketing   Data Entry   Excel   Resumes   Email Marketing   

30-250 AUD
5 (22) 6/9
- 16 (146)
shivanirajeshmac Comprehensive Digital Marketing Drive
I am seeking a skilled digital marketing expert to help enhance my website's online presence. The services required are social media marketing, specifically on Instagram, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Key Responsibilities:

-Social Media Marketing: You will need to boost our brand's presence on Instagram, create engaging content that attracts our target demographics, and ideally increases our follower base.

-Search Engine Optimization: Effective SEO strategies need to be implemented to enhance our website's online presence. You should be capable of monitoring and adjusting your SEO approach to deliver the best results.

-Email Marketing: Plan and execute email campaigns that align with our brand and resonate with our customer base to drive website traffic and increase sales conversions.

The ideal freelancer for this role should have strong experience in all mentioned areas and a track record of improving a brand's online presence through the targeted use of these strategies. If you're a versatile digital marketing professional with a knack for increasing online visibility, I want to hear from you.

Internet Marketing   SEO   Link Building   Marketing   Social Media Marketing   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 18 (133)
omid190 E-commerce Website Development
As a business, I am looking to create a website that will serve as a platform for selling products. The website needs to have robust e-commerce features tailored to support this purpose, making it easy for customers to browse, select, and purchase products.

Key Requirements:
- **Payment Gateway Integration**: The website must integrate with popular payment gateways to facilitate secure and seamless transactions.
- **Customer Reviews**: I'm looking to incorporate a customer review system to encourage feedback and provide social proof to potential buyers.
- **Inventory Management**: Managing my inventory is crucial. The website should have a system that allows me to monitor stock levels, update product availability, and receive notifications for low stock.

The website will primarily feature less than 10 product categories.

Ideal Skills and Experience:
- Proficiency in e-commerce website development
- Experience with payment gateway integration
- Knowledge of customer review system implementation
- Strong understanding of inventory management systems
- Ability to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that encourages sales

PHP   Website Design   Shopping Carts   eCommerce   HTML   

250-750 GBP
0 (N/A) 4/9
- 69 (425)
ken310 Professional Website Design & Development
I'm seeking a skilled web designer and developer to create a professional and functional website for my Dental business. The website should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines.

Project Scope:

Design up to 12 key website pages (e.g., Homepage, About Us, Services, Testimonial, Gallery, Appointment, FAQ, Our services, Veneer, Teeth Whitening, Contact, Blog)
Develop a custom website theme based on the design
Integrate basic content management system (CMS) functionality
Optimize website for search engines (SEO)
Provide high-quality stock photos or icons
Skills Required:

Expertise in web design and development (e.g., HTML, CSS, Javascript)
Experience with content management systems (e.WordPress preferred)
Strong understanding of SEO best practices
Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Budget Range: Up to $1000

Timeline: 2 weeks

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   WordPress   HTML   

750-1500 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 60 (939)
akshayac7 Chrome Extension forAuto fil forms
I am in need of a Chrome extension that can collect data from dropdown values and radio button clicks on specific URLs. The purpose is to gather and store user interactions for analysis and future reference.

Key Functionalities:
- The extension should automatically select dropdown values and radio buttons based on predefined rules. This automation is crucial in ensuring accurate and consistent data collection.
- The data collected should be saved on a server. The extension must include a mechanism to connect with our server and store the data securely.
- The extension should only initiate data collection when a specific URL is visited. This helps in maintaining focus on the target documents.

Ideal Skills and Experience:
- Proficiency in Chrome extension development and JavaScript is a must.
- Experience with data collection, manipulation, and server communication will be highly valuable.
- Prior work on automation or rule-based systems will be advantageous.

I'm looking for a professional who can deliver a reliable and efficient Chrome extension that meets these requirements.

JavaScript   jQuery / Prototype   Google Chrome   Extensions & Additions   AWS Lambda   

30-250 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 3 (177)
Ahsan Nawaz TON CHAIN token transfer MEV script-nodejs
TON CHAIN token transfer MEV script-nodejs
JavaScript   Node.js   AngularJS   Blockchain   Cryptocurrency   

30-250 USD
4.73 (16) 5/9
- 1 (90)
ken310 Creative Portfolio Website Design
I'm seeking a talented web designer to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website for my Landscaping business. The website should be responsive and function well on all devices.

Project Scope:

Design 5 key website pages (e.g., Homepage, About Us, Services, Contact, Gallery)
Implement a clear and consistent visual style
Ensure mobile responsiveness
Provide basic stock photos or icons (5 at the least)
Integrate a simple contact form for hiring
Skills Required:

Proficiency in web design tools
Experience with responsive design principles
Strong understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) best practices
Excellent communication skills
Budget Range: up to $600

Timeline: 1 week

PHP   Website Design   Graphic Design   User Interface / IA   HTML   

250-750 USD
0 (N/A) 2/9
- 65 (410)
PROFICIENT DEVELOPERS Urgent Java Parsing Project -- 2
I need a Java developer who can help me parse a given 5-6 shapes only to extract specific information. I need this done urgently. The desired details are in the project.
1. Skeleton code is provided
2. Just need to modify it a bit as per the pdf and provide the final result.

Java   Software Architecture   Software Testing   Eclipse   

10-30 USD
4.85 (47) 8/9
- 5 (20)
HAWEL LibreNMS Installation and Customization
I have a dedicated server and I need a professional to install and customize LibreNMS. I need it to integrate with my network devices and provide advanced visualization and reporting features.

Key Requirements:
- Installation: Setting up LibreNMS on a dedicated server.
- Integration: Ensuring seamless integration with my network devices for accurate monitoring and management.
- Customization: Tailoring the platform to suit my needs, with a focus on advanced visualization and reporting.

Ideal Skills:
- Proven experience in installing and customizing LibreNMS.
- Proficient in network device integration.
- Strong background in data visualization and reporting.
- Able to deliver a solution that's both efficient and user-friendly.

PHP   Website Design   MySQL   HTML   Network Administration   

30-250 USD
5 (1) 4/9
- 23 (126)
HAWEL Cacti Installation with Network Monitoring
I'm looking for a skilled professional to install Cacti on a new Ubuntu 22.04 machine. The installation needs to be integrated with network monitoring tools and should include the setup of monitoring plugins.

Key Requirements:
- Installation of Cacti on Ubuntu 22.04
- Integration with network monitoring tools
- Setup of monitoring plugins

Ideal Freelancer:
- Experienced with Cacti installations
- Proficient in Ubuntu system administration
- Familiar with network monitoring concepts and tools
- Able to configure Cacti with monitoring plugins.

This is an urgent project, so I'm looking for someone who can complete it promptly and accurately.

System Admin   Linux   Apache   Ubuntu   Network Administration   

30-250 USD
5 (1) 4/9
- 10 (166)